Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew in College

10. Your GPA is not that big of a deal

Ok, before you freak, or your parents kill me, hear me out. First and foremost, your GPA does matter, just not as much as you think. For most professions the difference between a 3.2 and 3.8 will have virtually zero impact on getting you that dream job. In reality it's the whole package that gets you hired, not showing your ability to memorize and regurgitate information. It's being well-rounded, landing relevant internships, and nailing your interview skills that will land you a position. So stop stressing so much.... You don't get this time back- enjoy life a little!

9. Your college sweetheart may not be forever-material 

This is a hard one to swallow. I get it, when you're in the middle of something, it's hard to see outside of it; we've all been there. But the truth is that very few college relationships evolve into marriage, and let's not even go into the stats of marriage. That aside, you'll evolve so much as a person as you get older and priorities change. Things that were once important to you suddenly don't matter at all. Craig's chiseled abs turns to flubber, his hair falls out, and he's no longer hosting cool parties because he's a slave to his job. Shit happens. My advice is enjoy life with your friends, date, but don't take relationships so seriously! You don't get this time back- enjoy life a little!

8. Getting wasted isn't all that great 

College is fun, and don't get me wrong, I love a good cocktail, beer, wine... hell anything really. But, don't you want to remember all the fun times? Drinking is meant to be social and fun, but doing keg stands and fireball shots until you pass out in a bush outside the frat house, with vomit on your new sweater, isn't exactly "fun". Try new cocktail recipes or beer until you find something you actually enjoy drinking... for the taste of it. Hang out, dance, meet people, but just take it down a notch. You'll want to look back and recall the good times. You don't get this time back- enjoy (and remember) life a little !

7. Casual sex kind of sucks 

Sex is awesome, but maybe better had with someone that's not drunk and knows what they're doing. The culprit of excess casual sex is generally alcohol.. see post above. We're sexual beings by nature, but our desires are heightened, and inhibitions lowered, with booze. So like with all things, try to enjoy it in moderation unless you're in a relationship and taking the right precautions. There is nothing like a child or an STD that will put a damper on college. You've got a full life ahead of you for awesome sex with the right person, who knows your body, and trust me, it's O so amazing with time! You don't get this time back- enjoy life a little (responsibly)! 

6. Your career won't be what you think 

What you major in, with the exception of specialized fields involving graduate school, doesn't matter. Your expected to come out of high school and magically know what to do the rest of your life.. doesn't happen for most of us. In fact, most people end up doing something completely unrelated to their major, so try to pick something general. Don't get caught up in changing your major five times because you had another epiphany about your future. Start applying early for internships in different areas that interest you. Talk to people who are actually in that field. Maybe being a lawyer isn't the dream you created. Work is work, that's why we get paid to do it, but try and be realistic and open-minded when planning for your future. You don't get this time back- enjoy life a little! 

5. Pretty will change 

It's so hard to understand this. Self-esteem is something that takes a long time to develop, effort to maintain, and rarely at its peak in college... despite what you think. Maybe you were used to attention you got in high school, but all of a sudden you're a minnow in an sea of gorgeousness. Take a step back, and remember that beauty, including your body, hair, skin... everything, all changes with time. If you're happy with yourself, embrace it. If you're not, understand it will be less over time, despite how hard that is to believe. Things you once despised, you learn to appreciate, oh and that sea of "gorgeous" girls, often aren't so gorgeous anymore.....You'll see. You don't get this time back- enjoy life (and yourself) a little! 

4. Smart is sexy 

From the moment we're born, the importance of aesthetically beautiful objects and images is engrained in us. What's often dismissed, especially in young girls, is the value of intelligence. This doesn't mean reading a book and regurgitating information. It means absorbing information, disseminating it, applying it, and not being afraid to question the status quo. Read articles, magazines (that aren't Cosmo), understand current events; Whether you're on the toilet or between classes... make time. Your wit and intelligence make you interesting, unique, hirable, and overall pretty f%$@*!#g awesome. It's what makes you desirable long-term. As mentioned above, beauty changes, but intelligence, it grows. You don't get this time back, enjoy (learning about) life a little!

3. Friends sometimes aren't meant to be forever 

It's hard to imagine the extent to which your life will change when you graduate, and right now your friend group is your family. You can't imagine life without them, but some will stay, and some will go. Sara was the best freshman roommate ever: super fun, life of the party, always had the hookup for everything, and even cleaned up my vomit a couple of times (see #8), but over time we had less in common, and that's ok. I can look back and smile on the awesome experiences we had, but we're different people now. Don't hang onto things that no longer make you happy. People change, you change, and we have to adapt as we go. You don't get this time back, enjoy life (with the right people) a little! 

2. It's all about timing

Sometimes we think if we try hard enough we change the outcome of something. Simply stated, that's just the not the case. Sure, some events have higher probably: You study hard and you do well on the test. But take nearly every freaking thing that happens in life, and it's all about timing. Not to say your effort is for naught, but thinking you'll be able to manifest your destiny because of it is just insane. When you have a job, you'll work your ass off for a big promotion, but !!surprise!!, a colleague who slacks off will get it instead. Life's not fair-- period. You have to believe in the timing of the universe, or trust me, you'll go inane. Sometimes the timing is right, and when it is, it's awesomeYou don't get this time back, enjoy life a little (because there is little you can do about it)!

1. Adulting sucks.. but not that bad 

Everyone tries to scare you about the future. I mean, pretty much everything I've written is a little scary, but probably because it contradicts your idea of reality. But the thing is, we underestimate our ability to adapt. We go through enormous change throughout our lives, but somehow come out, maybe a little weathered, but stronger. Being an adult really isn't that bad, granted sometimes it sucks.... but so does being in college at times. I get to travel to cool places; feel accomplished about my career; find joy in hobbies like cooking <with the help wine>; have awesome friends, and am overall really proud of this adult....ish person I have become. I often joke that I still mentally feel 18, but I'm not, and that's a good thing. I'm more intelligent, more prepared for life, and overall more awesome! Adulting is just a vicious cycle of learning how to adapt as we go and know that's it's ok to F*$% up along the way. 

You don't get this time back, enjoy life a little!