Color Your Mood

Did you know that color can impact your mood, behavior, and stress levels? Below are simple ways to easily incorporate color into your daily life.

Go Green

Green is often associated with nature, relaxation, and regeneration. Feeling stressed at your computer? Try changing your background to green images like trees or plants!

Not so Mellow Yellow

Looking for a way to perk up in the morning? Try painting your bathroom yellow.! Yellow is associated with sunshine, joy, and vibrancy.

Radiant in Red

Have a hot date or just want to feel sexier? Throw on some red lipstick. Red psychologically elicits intensity and passion, but should be used sparingly as it can also be associated with aggressiveness. Try pairing with jeans and a white top!

Tranquil Blue

Having trouble sleeping? Try painting your bedroom blue. Blue is reminiscent of the ocean and blue skies, proven to evoke calming emotions. 

Orange You Glad you Wore It 

Orange is the perfect mix of yellow's vibrancy with red's power. Orange is found to increase oxygen, energy, and brain stimulation. Throw on that orange skirt for a stimulating pop of color for you and those around you!