Best Photo Editing Apps

Want to get amazing high quality looking photos at the click of a button? Check out these 5 free, easy to use apps!

1. Adobe Photoshop Express 

Pro Photographers swear by Photoshop- now it's your turn to have access to Photoshop features at your fingertips! PS Express is a go-to for easy image edits in lightening, tone, clarity and more. It also has a blemish removal feature for easy fixes to remove freckles, blemishes and more with the swipe of your finger. I love this app because it improves the quality of the image without making it look overly edited!

2. Adobe Photoshop Fix


Photoshop Fix is a slightly more advanced version of PS Express, but still free! It's features are more focused on altering an image rather than enhancing the clarity of it. You can "swell" or "warp" specific parts of an image if you'd like to make your hair or lips fuller or waist slimmer. You just have to be careful to use these features sparingly, otherwise you can warp other parts of the image and you'll end up looking like a "photoshop fail"! 

3. VSCO 


VSCO is an awesome photography app that contains film- inspired filters that are natural and certainly superior to Instagram's. It has all the bells and whistles for editing like sharpen, color, shadows, etc, but then some awesome extras like image skewing and sharing/storing your collections as well. 

4. Beauty Plus 

Beauty Plus certainly doesn't have the professional image or interface of the other mentioned apps; however, it does serve one purpose well: Taking a good selfie. If that's your thing, this is definitely a great app for you. It automatically smoothes your skin, whitens your teeth, brightens your eyes, and overall makes you look insta-good!

5. YouCam

YouCam makes several apps: YouCam Perfect, YouCam Makeup and YouCam Fun. I'll focus on the YouCam Perfect, as it has all the features, and then some, that you would need to enhance virtually every part of your face or body. You can contour your face or slim your waist.. the world is your oyster!