Dreaming of Southern Food

The struggle is real if you grew up in the South, but have moved away now. Some oldies but goodies we miss:  


Grits are amazing, but often not appreciated by the rest of the country. Maybe because they haven't figured out to prepare them. I have one word people: Butter!!!! And don't be shy.. Pile on the butter, salt, and cheese. In the South we're not exactly repping health food; It's all about flavor and authenticity of those Southern grits!

Watermelon... with Salt

It never ceases to amaze when non-Southern friends nearly convulse as they see me salt a freshly cut watermelon. Like what's the big deal? Watermelon is the God of fruits, but it's even more epic cold and freshly salted. My grandmother did it, I did... and YOU should definitely try it!


You can find barbecue virtually anywhere in the country, but there is nothing like Southern barbecue, whether it's Memphis' wet or dry-rubbed, or South Carolina's vinegar-based style, I love them all. The key to Southern barbecue is the slow pit-cooking method, often times with incorporating various wood chips for extra flavor in the smoking process. Just use the grill with care people! 

Fried Chicken 

To quote Zack Brown, I do indeed "Like My Chicken Fried". We can thank KFC for the mass distribution of fried chicken to the world (seriously I saw one in Fiji), but unfortunately at the expense of quality. There is nothing like homemade real southern fried chicken, but sadly some never experience it... (gasp!) Whip me up some buttermilk homemade fried chicken legs and I will love you forever. 

Biscuits and Gravy

To this day, I wake up dreaming of fresh homemade biscuits and gravy. Although it's hard to find from scratch these days, the resurgance of biscuits and gravy at restaurants from mom and pop to high-end variations, has made this glorious dish more accessible and pretty damn close to the real thing. Close... but grandma always wins.