Watermelon Every Day!


A day late, but we're down for celebrating National Watermelon Day every day!

To celebrate this wonderful goddess of a fruit, here are some amazing cocktail recipes to spice up your party or tailgate:


Watermelon Slushie

Photo @marikosakato

Photo @marikosakato

~*Watermelon Margarita*~

Photo @MyRecipes

Photo @MyRecipes

~*Watermelon Cooler*~

Photo @PaulaDeen

~*Watermelon Jello Shots*

Photo & Recipe @Buzzfeed 

Photo & Recipe @Buzzfeed 



Can we say freaking amazing!? An adult slushie with the sweet hydrating deliciousness of Watermelon + Vodka, and Prosecco, and you've got pure summer decadence in a glass.

1) Scoop out watermelon & freeze

2) Add frozen watermelon, vodka, and prosecco to blender (add some ice for thickness)

3) Try not to drink the entire pitcher - Cheers! 









Move over spicy margarita, there's a new spin on the classic that may just blow your sweet little mind! And even better, this delishness is super easy: 

1) Add scooped watermelon and the juice from several fresh limes to blender

2) Add about a tablespoon of Agave or honey and Tequila (measure to your liking)

3) Blend and enjoy! 








Nothing is cooler than a watermelon cooler! Fresh, minty, love in your mouth. Bring it on!

1) Add scooped watermelon to blender with 1 cup of lemon sorbet (you can sub frozen lemonade)

2) Add vodka to taste & blend 

3) Put in fridge to cool, pour over ice and garnish with mint and watermelon wedges.. because you're that fancy!









Yes, there are simpler ways to make jello shots, but you have reached the epitome of your jello shot making game, and it's time to step it up! Warning: may cause excessive excitement and freak the F$#! out by your friends.  

1) Cut medium to large watermelon lengthwise in half (as even as possible)

2) Use knife (before drinking) to slice around the perimeter of the watermelon, about an inch from the rind.

3) Spoon out the insides (yummm)

4) Scrape down the insides so that the surface is relatively smooth and there's about half an inch of red flesh left on the rind.

5) Pour 4- 3oz boxes of red jell-o + 2 1-oz boxes of unflavored gelatin in a bowl, then add 4 cups of boiling water and whisk for 2 minutes

6) Add 4 cups of vodka and whisk together (yes, you could add more, but this likely will mess up the firmness of the jello, and then you'll just be a hot gooey mess

7) Divide the mixture between the two watermelon halves that are now serving as bowls & Refrigerate for 4 hours until Jell-O is set 

8) Now time to chop chop- Cut each half into 1-inch slices, crosswise. Then  cut each big slice into two or three smaller wedges 

9) Brush your shoulders off and admire your awesome work... and take a shot!